Tired of Bedtime Battles?

14 Mar

Wish your kid had an “off” button at bedtime? He does! (Hint: it’s right there on his phone or tablet.) Find out how powering down actually helps your little one fall asleep faster.

Parents: It’s Our Job to Outsmart the Grocery Store

10 Feb

As a mom of three growing boys, I’m at the grocery store a lot, and I’ve seen it ALL. Here are my tips for navigating the grocery store.

My Tips for Kicking Bad Habits

26 Jan

By Stephanie Walsh, M.D., Medical Director, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

“How can I help my kids kick habits, like eating junk food, and start better habits, like getting active?”

This is a question parents ask me all the time…and it’s one of my favorites! As parents, we must teach our children how to sleep, eat and play so they can have healthy bodies. Hopefully our kids master sleeping as babies, but teaching them how to eat and play takes a lifetime. Continue reading…

My Mantra for Trying to Achieve Balance in 2016

7 Jan

By Stephanie Walsh, M.D., Medical Director, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Going from the relaxing, unscheduled days of holiday break to the full-speed-ahead schedules of January gives me whiplash. When things start getting crazy, it helps if I remind myself to “Keep It Simple, Stephanie!”

Reminding myself to keep things simple works wonders to help me clear out nonessential tasks that make me feel frazzled. Fact is, us moms pile a lot on our plates, trying to be everywhere and make everything perfect—which isn’t realistic! Continue reading…

My Favorite Holiday Gifts for 2015

16 Dec

By Stephanie Walsh, M.D., Medical Director, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Each year I am on the hunt to find you THE best holiday gifts, and this year is no exception. I love giving gifts the whole family can enjoy—especially if they keep us moving during the chilly winter months. Here are my top six gift ideas for 2015. Continue reading…

Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

30 Nov

By Stephanie Walsh, M.D., Medical Director, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

This year, I am going to try to keep the “happy” in the holidays with a new approach based on some energy-management tips and tricks I learned at a conference. Don’t worry, this is not some “new age” phenomenon; it’s just a fresh way of thinking about how I spend my energy each day, as opposed to managing my time each day, all based on how athletes maximize their capacity to improve their performance. Continue reading…

4 Mixed Messages We Send Kids About Exercise

10 Nov

Motivating anyone to get moving (including ourselves!) can be tricky, but inspiring kids to toss the remote and get outside for physical activity can be especially challenging.

Most parents want to help their kids increase their activity level, but sometimes they sabotage their efforts by sending mixed messages about physical activity. Here are a few of the most common mixed messages I hear from parents, and a new message that will help you inspire your kids to get moving! Continue reading…

4 Easy Tips for Happier Family Meal Times

23 Oct

When it comes to making healthy changes, parents want to support their kids so they will be successful! But striking the right balance between too strict and too easygoing can be hard. Lisa Giles, a dietitian and wellness expert with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life, is back to talk about the different styles of parenting—and tells us how to support our kids with a style that’s just right!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if parents could announce “We are adopting some new healthy habits,” and kids would react cheerfully? Continue reading…

Five Mixed Messages We Send to Kids About Food

2 Oct

Getting kids to eat plenty of healthy foods every day can feel like a full-time job. Sometimes we even fall back on old standards, such as “clean your plate” and “you only get dessert if you eat your Brussels sprouts.” Turns out, some of those old-school rules send the wrong messages to kids about healthy eating. Lisa Giles, MS, RDN, LD, CDE, is back to give our messages a makeover!

As parents, we want our kids to have plenty of healthy foods to eat, not to overdo sweets and sodas, and to leave the table feeling nourished and satisfied. But like Dr. Walsh always says, making this happen can feel like a full-time job. Continue reading…

“Mom, I’m Starving!” Here’s How to Manage After-School Snacking

31 Aug

When I ask my kids, “How was school?” the usual answer is, “Mom, we’re starving!” as they tear through the pantry looking for something to eat. I know lots of parents are in the same boat with “pre-dinner pantry raiders,” so Lisa Giles, MS, RD, LD, CDE, a registered dietitian and wellness program specialist with Strong4Life at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, is here with a Q & A to uncover her top strategies for managing the hunger-raids during and after long days at school! Continue reading…