The Real Scoop: Ice Cream vs. Frozen Yogurt

15 Jun

Ice cream has a reputation for being a nutritional no-no, full of fat and calories, while frozen yogurt skates by as its virtuously healthy counterpart. Which one is the real winner in this frozen faceoff?

My Favorite (Free!) Ways to Get Moving in Atlanta This Summer

23 May

Looking for ways to get moving in Atlanta this summer—that won’t break the bank? Dr. Walsh shares some favorites in this Healthy Dose blog post!

Dr. Walsh’s 5 Favorite Mother’s Day Treats—for Yourself!

8 May

By Stephanie Walsh, M.D., Medical Director, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

I have a confession: There was a time when leaving work and facing the stress of dinner, homework, sports practices and all the craziness at home was making me feel, well … crazy! I’d tell my kids to “give me a minute,” but then I’d unintentionally use that minute to make myself even crazier! Needless to say this did not create a very relaxing environment. Fact is, I wasn’t being the mom I want to be, and it was time for a change!

I’m no “stress guru,” but I know when I’m relaxed my entire family is healthier and happier! And science backs me up: Studies show when mom and dad are stressed, kids eat more fast food, spend more time in front of screens and are less likely to engage in healthy behaviors like physical activity and eating right. Continue reading…

Four Steps to Safe Eats

5 May

This week’s guest blogger, Monica Griffin, M.S., R.D., L.D., knows a thing or two about keeping food fresh (and safe!). As a registered dietitian with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Monica helps families develop healthy eating habits—and keeping foods safe is an essential part of that process. Monica is a certified ServSafe™ Food Safety Manager instructor and the head chef for her family, which includes her husband, her two-year-old daughter and a baby on the way!

Monica, it’s time to spring-clean our kitchens! What foods can stay, and what foods should go? Continue reading…

Dr. Walsh’s Tips for Kicking the Habit

27 Mar

By Stephanie Walsh, M.D., Medical Director, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

“How can I help my kids kick habits, like eating junk food, and start better habits, like getting active?”

This is a question parents ask me all the time…and it’s one of my favorites! As parents, we must teach our children how to sleep, eat and play so they can have healthy bodies. Hopefully our kids master sleeping as babies, but teaching them how to eat and play takes a lifetime! Continue reading…

Treat Yourself with Exercise (Really!)

25 Feb

By Wendy Palmer MS, RD, LD, CHES, Manager, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

When you think about being active, is it something you think of as fun…or do you force yourself to lace up your running shoes, grumbling all the way?

Turns out “exercising” can backfire if you aren’t having fun. A recent study out of Cornell University says when physical activity is perceived as fun, people consume fewer sweets and unhealthy snacks. But when the activity is viewed as a chore they treat themselves with unhealthy snacks. Continue reading…

Your Top 8 Heart Questions Answered!

10 Feb

By Dennis Kim, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories , Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta/Sibley Heart Center Cardiology

February is American Heart Month, so one of our pediatric heart health experts, Dennis Kim, M.D., Ph.D., is answering questions about kids’ heart health here at the Healthy Dose blog! A father to 5 daughters, Dr. Kim understands the challenges of raising a healthy family in our busy world. Dr. Kim is the director of the Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta/Sibley Heart Center Cardiology, where he diagnoses and treats kids and adults with congenital heart disease using catheter-based methods. Dr. Kim started his medical career in general pediatrics and pediatric cardiology. He’s also the editor-in-chief for, a website dedicated to patient education for cardiac issues. Dr. Kim answered some of our top questions about heart health and has some great tips for building healthy heart habits for life! Continue reading…

6 Easy Ways to De-stress Your Day

23 Jan

By Stephanie Walsh, M.D., Medical Director, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

“I’m so busy!” is the mantra of parents everywhere. Between work, school and the kids’ activities, it seems like every single minute is jam-packed. Let’s face it—it’s even considered cool to be constantly rushing around trying to fit everything into our overbooked days!

But the constant stress of our overscheduled lives takes a toll—and it can stress our kids out, too. Continue reading…

Don’t Let Healthy Habits Hibernate this Winter!

13 Jan

By Stephanie Walsh, M.D., Medical Director, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

With kids back in school, there’s a new season officially upon us: cold and flu season!

As any parent knows, winter presents unique obstacles for staying healthy. Because we’re spending more time indoors, exposure to germs is at an all-time high. The kids are barely off the bus before it gets dark outside. Add freezing-cold wintery weather to the mix, and pretty soon everyone just wants to snuggle in by the fire, watch TV, and nosh on comfort foods! Continue reading…

Winter Break’s Over (Is it wrong to be a little happy about that?)

6 Jan

By Stephanie Walsh, M.D., Medical Director, Child Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Oh, how my kids looked forward to their winter break. And by about December 23rd, oh how their mom was longing for our regular routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I cherished the downtime with my family. We stayed up later, slept in, kicked back and had plenty of fun together. But at times, the lack of routine and structure unleashed the inner whiners in all of us. And I know I’m not alone—lots of my mom-friends were anxious to get everyone back to school and in a routine this week. Continue reading…